The Fighter For Peace

Time flies… I drew this for the same lady as the one in my mermaid work, but only this time she wanted to be portrayed as a Lady Samurai.

The first thought that came to my mind when I learned about the theme is that of a warrior. I do remember a samurai portrayed in Japanese cartoons as those having a sword and fighting the bad guys. But not being too technical about my idea of a samurai, I thought of drawing her as a warrior, one who is a defender of peace. As a defender of peace, she is, of course, peace-loving as represented by the pigeons on the left side of the piece and also located behind her because she is the first to face danger when a threat to that peace comes along.

She may be a lady, a princess even, but she can be fierce when called for by the situation, such as when war breaks out. Hence, all the thorns that are located on the right side of the drawing as if they are emanating from the sword.

My love for details is still very much evident in this piece. And I guess my drawings will never truly be complete without them.

May you all be blessed! Take care and thank you for dropping by!


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