The Work Of Human Hands

It is finally done!

After spending a couple of minutes (hours or days in other cases) doing some visual calisthenics, studying the subject and then replicating it on paper using a pencil as if I was some sort of a live photocopying machine, I can at last affix my signature, breathe a collective sigh of relief and say, “It is finished.”

The Work Of Human Hands PS 3

“It is finished…”

Weren’t those also the last words of our beloved Savior before He breathed His last?

Words He uttered just a few moments before His human heart stopped beating?

Words that the purpose of His ultimate sacrifice of giving up His life, in exchange for ours that was marred and taken away by sin, was already fulfilled?

(To continue reading this post, please click here. I am guest posting over at a friend’s blog today.)


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