A Real-Life Mermaid

I had the pleasure of rendering this lovely lady as a mermaid following the theme “Rockistang Sirena” (Rocker Mermaid) in a special tournament hosted by the portrait artists group Styles, Strokes, And Sketches Society, or 4S for short.

For sure I had my imagination flowing nonstop and ideas just kept pouring in during the entire process of this artwork.

The result?

Details, details, and even more details.

When my mermaid was still a WIP

mermaid sneak peek

Rockistang Sirena

I am so grateful that she included my work among her top 12 favorites.

But I have to say that the best part of this event was that I got to meet a lot of, not only talented but kind-hearted as well, artists who inspire me to keep getting better at my craft.

Thank You, dear God, for this great opportunity.

with lady mermaid


2 thoughts on “A Real-Life Mermaid

  1. Irene.. you have such a talent, I am not sure people can pay you enough for all the lovely detail you put into your pictures … they are gorgeous xox


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