A New Portrait Drawing

Irene Cortez Illustration

I haven’t been doing portrait drawings for quite some time now because my priorities changed. I found zentangle-like drawings more therapeutic and so I resorted to them more often. And then when I experimented on putting them on a variety of items available in print-on-demand sites, I told myself that perhaps doing portrait drawings isn’t the niche for me.

But then last Friday my aunt texted me and requested if I could draw a portrait of her daughter, my cousin, for a school assignment. And for this I didn’t have second thoughts so I immediately said yes. I was a bit doubtful, though, before I began drawing because I felt like my portrait drawing skills somehow got rusty because of the time interval from the last time I drew a portrait. However, once I already started drawing, I realized how much I missed doing it and I really had a lot of fun during the process.

It was a blessing to have the opportunity to do this type of drawing again. I am so glad my aunt had that much confidence in me to ask for my help because this gave me the encouragement to continue doing it. I am looking forward to drawing more portraits as my time permits.

All this for God’s glory.



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