Bread And Breath

Irene Marie Cortez

Everyday I realize that I have a hunger that needs to be satiated…

When I ask Him for bread, He feeds me and fills my soul to the brim, until I need not food any longer; for He fills me with His grace and gives me more than what I ask for.

I don’t have wings but He carries me and lifts me up. When I am in pain He is my refuge and He heals me when I’m bruised. When I am afraid He is my shield. Whenever I go astray He shows me the way and leads me back where I am supposed to be. And when I lose hope He lets me see the light – He never ever left my side…

Every moment. Every trial. Every difficulty is passing. But He and His love for me are everlasting.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.
His love endures forever.
~ Psalm 136:1



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