Heart Of Love

Irene Marie Cortez

He desires to be closer to me. But what is it that He needed from me? I ask such question only to realize that it was nothing else but out of His great love for me. His pure and unconditional love. And His loving mercy that knows no boundaries.

It is I who needed Him more – His love, His grace. It is I who depended on Him. It is I who couldn’t go through it all by myself. He knows that need, even if I don’t say it. And beside me, He remains. And patiently waits. Until I tell Him, finally tell Him, that I am weak and that He is my strength, my Rock, the One who lifts me up.

I am nothing but an imperfect soul. But I am made worthy because of His perfect love.


Originally posted at http://www.bubblews.com/news/7402453-heart-of-love


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