Illustration #20

Irene Cortez Illustration

It looks like the sun finally found its way through the clouds after days of monsoon rains.

I’m not one who likes the hot weather in my country; but to feel it again, to see the sun’s rays breaking through windows and peeking through curtains, is such a relief; and to have sweat drops form on my forehead and trickle down my cheeks is refreshing; the weather bureau brought us more good news – we’ll get to experience sunny skies for a few more days.

I took a pause from doing art and from posting about my art sometime in July due to some unavoidable events that required my attention; I thought they would put me in a hiatus for a long time; it was shorter than I expected it to be, nonetheless; and for that I praise God.

Sunny days don’t last so I’ll enjoy them while they do.

Irene Cortez Illustration

Irene Cortez Illustration

Irene Cortez Illustration

Irene Cortez Illustration


One thought on “Illustration #20

  1. Dear Irene,
    You left a comment on my page ( long long time ago and I could not reply back because I did not get notification somehow in my blogger and that is why I never knew you commented until today I read the page and saw your comment.
    My first duty I feel is to apologize with all my heart for not answering you on time and unintentionally and unknowingly ignoring the precious words you left on my blog. I am very very Sorry!!
    I am interested in arts a lot (though Engineering leaves no time to follow my interests but I love it) so really appreciate your site 🙂
    Liked the quotes you shared on your other link, true words of wisdom and inspiration I myself require time to time. Wish I could comment on the quotes too!
    Take care and please accept my apologies I will be honored to have you visit my blog again.


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