Days Are Like The Wind

Irene Marie Cortez

Time passes by so quickly and yet life always seems to get left behind.

There I was at a certain period in July, impatient and wishing for the month to end soon; but here I am now in August, unprepared to face anything; only the hours seemed to advance while I found myself at the very same place where the days and the weeks left me; stagnant must be the most appropriate word.

The rainy season is in full swing and it rains hard on most days; the raindrops falling in rapid succession and violently hitting the ground mask all other noise that could possibly be heard, until all that my ears could perceive are the senseless pounding of my heart and the quiet storms of my mind; there is a little bit of sunshine that keeps my days warm and bright, nonetheless; it’s called hope.

I trust that everything will fall into place in God’s time.

Irene Marie Cortez

Irene Marie Cortez

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