I Believe In Angels

Irene Marie Cortez

Circumstances in my life are making me more aware of our dependence on other people, on one another.

I used to think that I am better off alone; that I can live a solitary life, without having to ask for anybody’s help; it’s a myth, created by my self-absorbed, and perhaps insecure, mind, and the ignorance of my youth, defied by maturity and the acceptance of my limitations. How can one dismiss the importance of other people in one’s life when every single day inevitably involves human interaction, when love and compassion are among those a person needs in order to survive?

It is a cruel world, a sinful one they say; yet I refuse to believe that this planet is dominated by all things bad because of the people whom God sends to our aid at times when we needed them the most. I am not naïve; absolutely not; my eyes are not blind to the evil taking place here and there; I only choose to dwell on the goodness that is left and on the beauty that abounds.

Irene Marie Cortez

Irene Marie Cortez

Originally posted at http://www.bubblews.com/news/4863253-i-believe-in-angels


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