See, Hear, Feel

Irene Marie Cortez

It was only when I woke up from my late afternoon sleep that I started thinking clearly again; when I heard with unspoken clarity that voice telling me that everything happens for a reason.

I haven’t slept well the night before; partly due to too much caffeine and partly from worrying about Blaine who appeared weak and had little to no appetite the previous day, another health scare which prompted us a visit to the vet for the nth time. The furry fellow had more energy today, though; and had no fever upon examination by the animal doctor. The latter generously provided us with home care instructions before we left his clinic.

I tend to get anxious whenever one of my dogs get sick because of their inability to express through words their pain and discomfort. But perhaps our pets are only teaching us to use more of our senses; to go deeper into our capacity to feel; to pay attention to that which cannot be heard; to look beyond that which meets the human eye.

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4 thoughts on “See, Hear, Feel

    1. Yes dogs are wonderful, loving, and thoughtful animals. 🙂 My dog got better after that day. He has a good appetite now and is very active and jolly everyday, thank God! I hope and pray that he stays healthy always. ♡ 🙂


    1. So true, Martha, they are indeed family! We worry about them the way we worry about our other family members when they are not feeling well. Thank God Blaine is doing much much better now! His appetite is good and is always active and happy! 🙂


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