Through A Flowing Stream

Irene Marie Cortez

God is quick to respond to my pleas.

He already gave an immediate answer to one of my prayers; for this I am thankful. But for the others, it seems I’m going to have to wait; He probably sees my need to master the virtue of patience, and to conquer my frustration.

It rained really hard when we were at church late in the afternoon; it was almost like the water from the heavens was crushing the ground; heaven pouring out its anger upon the earth, if I was quite the pessimist. But even superstition would state otherwise; for the rain was believed to bring good fortune. I would then hear the priest say something like, “The good and bad always go together in this world,” as he talked about the day’s Gospel reading in his homily; amidst the deafening heavy downpour, his voice was like thunder in the storm.

I’ll keep walking the road of life from here.

Irene Marie Cortez

Irene Marie Cortez

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6 thoughts on “Through A Flowing Stream

  1. Good and bad go together or we would not be able to differentiate them.
    Remain patient Irene. God knows when it’s the right time to reveal its secrets to you.


  2. The weeds grow with the wheat until harvest time; God’s kingdom, our assistant pastor said last Sunday, contains both the good and the bad. We are to strive to be the wheat and let God be the judge. Blessings!


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