Dust Of Earth

Irene Marie Cortez

The universe has a strange way of challenging us it seems.

I’ve been going to church to hear mass almost everyday since Monday. Whenever I am asking for a huge favor from God, Sunday mass doesn’t seem enough. Even my daily personal prayers don’t seem to suffice. I need to be persistent so that God would know I’m serious with what it is I am asking for.

I am comforted immensely by the sight of the altar. And the prayers weather the storms in my mind. It is a relief to know that there is a Force much stronger than our tribulations, and a Being that is far more powerful than anything that is of this world.

The trials will come. I am ready.

Irene Marie Cortez

Irene Marie Cortez

Originally posted at http://www.bubblews.com/news/4584714-dust-of-earth


4 thoughts on “Dust Of Earth

  1. I am reminded in your post of the persistent woman (Jesus’ story) who kept after the judge until he finally gave her what she sought. God has only the best in mind for you; He may not answer to way you think He will, but He does love persistent prayer! Blessings, Irene!


    1. Oh how true, Launna, that sometimes when God gives us what we need instead of what we want, it gets difficult to deal with. Maybe because we are still battling inside us of those that we do want against what God thinks is best for us? All part of being human. ♡


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