A Beautiful Little Mind

Irene Marie Cortez

He falls asleep rather easily.

And thereafter it does not take long before I could find him dreaming: his little legs jerking involuntarily, his eyes rolling berserk underneath his eyelids, and the seemingly stifled bark he lets out as if he was chasing someone in his own version of wonderland.

I never thought that dogs (or any animal for that matter) could dream until I had one who also slept in my bedroom to be my roommate for a few months. I watched in awe the first time I saw a creature other than a human being drift off to dreamland.

But don’t dreams consist of our thoughts and aspirations that only the subconscious part of our brain is aware of? What would they wish for anyway when all they know is to live in the moment, nothing before and nothing beyond that?

That is all my rational mind can comprehend, nonetheless. And perhaps there is so much more about these four-legged beings that is beyond my understanding; something more than what I perceive them to be.

Soon the real world breaks into his peaceful slumber and he wakes up from yet another fantasy…


Originally posted at http://www.bubblews.com/news/4010918-a-beautiful-little-mind


5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Little Mind

  1. Hi Irene! I love your post so much! Watching a cute dog asleep is so heartwarming… I am glad to have one so lovely fellow near by my side every night, sleeping, dreaming, running and “wouf-ing” … It´s something like grounding myself… ♥ Britta


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