Free June 2014 Calendar

Irene Cortez Illustration

I’ve been missing in action in this blog for a few days because I just didn’t feel like blogging. And well, life is uneventful lately, except for the fact that I and my sister saw Maleficent on May 29th (and we enjoyed it!) and then my dog, Dave, got hospitalized last Sunday. We noticed that he wasn’t himself at that time, no appetite, and was as if he was gagging or something. When my parents took him to the vet, they found out he had fever. It resolved overnight and he was discharged the following day with take-home antibiotics because the vet diagnosed him to have beginning Kennel cough. But it is really really difficult giving him the antibiotics because he simply doesn’t like to take it. We have to restrain him and then force him to take his medication. I just hope that he gets well soon.

Anyway, this is a little late but here is our June 2014 calendar. Take care!

DOWNLOAD CALENDAR:         Desktop         |         iPad         |         iPhone / iPod         |         iPhone5 / iPod


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