Of Imperfection, Tribulation, And Salvation

He continues to fill in the spaces in between the cracks,

And to cast away the fear of death with His love.

Only His grace can make these possible…

Irene Marie Cortez

Irene Marie Cortez

I was happy to have the chance to be picking up seashells one day,

Brainstorming on how I could be creative with them.

I picked up a few, got my hands dirty…

But isn’t that what God does… pick us up from the dirt?

They were unclean, the seashells…

Especially those parts that touched the ground.

I imagined how they looked like clean and saw beauty…

Because doesn’t God love us, dirt and all?

Doesn’t He look at us beyond the dirt…

And see the beauty that is hidden?

Doesn’t He Himself – Jesus – know dirt,

As He was born in dirt (in a manger),

Lived in dirt,

And was made to taste dirt through His sufferings when He was nailed on the cross?

Doesn’t He understand dirt,

Because He was sent by God to join us in dirt,

And yet rise above it so that He could have us redeemed?

Irene Marie Cortez

Irene Marie Cortez

I took the seashells home,

But I am sure that they will have more stories to tell…

Stories that behold the beauty of God’s love…

His love for you and me.

Originally posted at http://www.bubblews.com/news/3271983-of-imperfection-tribulation-and-salvation


3 thoughts on “Of Imperfection, Tribulation, And Salvation

  1. I didn’t realize you had changed your blog site, I thought you had just stopped blogging but I found this on your Google profile.. This is so beautiful Irene, we all need to remember that Heavenly Father loves us no matter what… sometime it is hard to feel when life crashes in around us… So glad I found your blog again.. have a really lovely day:)


  2. Interesting thoughts as always Irene!
    We can find inspiration in little things. God love us the way we are and I can’t stop thinking how amazing His love is.
    Stay well and have a blessed weekend dear friend.


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