Illustration #15

Irene Cortez Illustration

Irene Cortez Illustration

I cannot recall any deep thoughts or intense emotions that inspired this piece. All I can remember is that I wanted to draw a fish. And since I am so obsessed with details, I thought that drawing the fish’s body would definitely satisfy that obsession. The process was really fun and it made me feel like a kid again because I find the design kindergarten-like except that it is a little more complicated and entailed a lot more patience because of its so many details. I am imagining this piece to be hanging inside children’s bedrooms, as a print in a kid’s T-shirt, or as a design in onesies. I plan to do the latter two soon.

I wish you a great weekend! God bless!


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P.S. This design is available in my Society6 shop.


19 thoughts on “Illustration #15

  1. Wow!
    You are so incredibly talented, Irene! The detailing is exquisite- I’ve sent it on to a friend of mine who’s been looking for fish-related artwork to inspire her tattoo, I’m sure she’ll LOVE this and it’ll definitely inspire elements of her tattoo.
    You have a real gift with colours and art x


  2. Oh my, this is absolutely wonderful!!I love the colors you’ve chosen and the details…wow. I haven’t’ been on here lately, but I’m glad to see new posts from you 🙂 Hope you are doing well!!


  3. I love it! I often get lost in detail, obsessing over patterns and things like that. I really like the kid-feel to the drawing and the colors are great!


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