About Me

I am Irene, an independent artist, a passionate blogger, and an online shop owner living and creating in the beautiful province of La Union, Philippines. I have been drawing since I was a little girl, honing and refining my skills by practicing. I have a bachelor’s degree in and am a board exam passer of Occupational Therapy here in my homeland. I entered medical school after passing the Philippine Occupational Therapy licensure exam and perseveringly survived until I reached my final year (junior internship) only to realize that it wasn’t for me. Eventually I bade my doctor dreams goodbye much to the dismay of my parents who were providing financial support for my education. (But even as an occupational therapy student and then a med student my love for the arts never died. I joined collegiate singing competitions and was an active member of my med school glee club.)

Leaving med school had me feeling lost and confused as to what to do with my life since I spent most of my twenties preparing myself to become a doctor. The months that followed were filled with frustration and depression which, however, led to soul-searching and self-discovery. One day when I was in so much distress I called out to God asking Him why I was such a failure despite all the talents that He blessed me with. After praying the rosary, I found my conscience telling me to draw, and I did. At that moment I was filled with so much hope because, strange as it may sound, doing it felt so right and I knew right at that instant that God was leading me somewhere.

Today the journey continues. I may not be certain where it will take me but I am letting my heart be my compass and God my guide.

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11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I think you were right to follow your dream dear Irene. Your drawings are in inspiration for us all. I think about your every day, while drinking my tea in a cup with your design. Keep going and trust God always.
    Love from France.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing these parts of your way through life, Irene! I am sure, you did the right decision! I love your art so much and feel happy when looking at your drawings and all the lovely things you offer in your shop are so hearty gorgeous… Follow YOUR way, Irene, it will be right!
    God bless you!
    ♥ Britta


      1. ♥ dear Irene!
        Today, I opened a great envelope whitch brought one of your so amazing wonderful BAGs to me! I ordered it a few weeks ago and it arrived very fast but I dont want to open it before today, it´s my birthday 😉

        Dear Irene, I have to say: Your designs are so wonderful, I can rest my eyes on your drawing and calm down immediately – it is like holiday for eyes and soul!

        Thank you so much for your wonderful art, please continue, draw, draw, draw… ♥
        I will return to your shop soon…


        1. Wow Britta… I just have to say that reading your comment had me stunned and it took me a while to be able to compose myself and organize my thoughts so that I can respond to you without sounding like I’ve gone nuts haha! Your comment truly made. my. day. I don’t know what else to say besides thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. And if only I can give you a big big hug! I hope the bag can make up for that hug hehe

          Happy happy birthday to you, sweet lovely lady!! Ich liebe dich! (The only German words I know. I don’t know if I spelled them right, though.)

          ♡ ♡ ♡ 🙂


          1. Ohhhh, you are so nice my dear!

            I´m so happy to thrill you a little 🙂 but I only tried to point my thoughts…

            I love the possibilities of the internet offer to us… we can meet via a few little keys and monitor – though we are living so far away from each other… I´m highly thankful for this opportunities!

            Hoping to see some new of your wonderful artpieces soon…

            Take care!

            (And yes, you spelled “the words” perfect 🙂 ♥ )


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