Living In Organized Chaos



Grandpa would repetitively advise us to record.

I didn’t like the idea. Well, I didn’t think I needed to. I trusted my memory that much. And I thought, What’s the use of writing them down, anyway? What’s the use of looking back? There would be more important things to take care of in the future. Blah blah blah. And many of my other senseless excuses. Perhaps because I am just too lazy, hence, my resistance.


Lately, I’ve started to reconsider grandpa’s suggestion. I mean, how many times in the past have I gone through hassle from forgetting details just because I didn’t write them down? Several, I must say. And I would usually end up beating myself up for those.


I am about to embark into something huge… huge because such endeavor would require a lot of responsibility on my part. So I knew I finally needed some order and structure into my messy life.

I should’ve listened to grandpa much sooner.

Or well, I guess, I just had to have some growing up first before I could.

What do you do to stay organized?

( Disclaimer: These are not my designs… I bought them at a local store.)

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10 thoughts on “Living In Organized Chaos

  1. Oh… what a wonderful story to think about! Thanks for sharing your grandpa´s and your words and thoughts!
    To be organized often seems to be a hard job! 😉 What works? I think, that writing writing writing is one of the most successfull things (also for me). And being creative… drawing, painting, taking pictures. Writing and other creative doings sometines let the time stand still – doing some lists of intentions may be help to fix the view on what really matters in (my own) life… In so many creative ways (and even in words) I try to form my reality, take some “dots of the past” for remembering them and painting pictures of the future in my mind 🙂
    so… I agree with what your grandpa says 😉 and add all the creative doings, I remember most situations in what I did this or that drawing or painting, I mostly can tell you, where I lived and what happens in the world while I spreaded some colour on canvas…
    Have a nice day!


  2. Totally agreed with you. Although I try to jot every snippets of my life into my phone calendar, sometimes I just forget. And when I need that information, I can’t seen to remember which date I wrote in and sometime the descriptions can’t make me recall what exactly is that incident. I used to think it is very nagging to keep a diary/journal with all your rants and grumbles. Now I need to reinforce the idea of only writing significant moments like something I am happy or appreciated about.


  3. I have many notebooks like these ones and I record everything I can. It’s a good way to keep track of things and to note ideas, words, inspiration. It’s a good record of life, past years. It helps us grow Irene!
    Stay well always.


  4. I have notebooks everywhere, but sadly, they often just contain nothing that is every helpful to anyone, including myself. My handwriting is so untidy I can rarely read anything.
    I think this is why I prefer pictures (& blogging of course)


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