Illustration #9



Black reminds me of darkness, red of anger, those colors representing the emotions I had when I did this piece.

There is that dark side of me, you know. (Well, I guess we all do.) I let it get the best of me so many times in the past. I thought it was too strong for me to fight it and to not let it rule my life.

But lately, through God’s grace, I realized how much stronger I am and that I could win over it, that is, if I want to, which is a choice I need to make everyday. It isn’t easy, though, and I pray every single day that Jesus would sustain me.

May Jesus be your strength today and always. God bless!

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6 thoughts on “Illustration #9

  1. hi (: i’ve just nominated you for a Liebster award. i hope you don’t mind. i just think your blog is wonderful! you can of course choose not to go ahead with it. besides, i won’t be surprised if you’ve been nominated a few times before! (:


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