Illustration #8



Sometimes I think of tears when it rains. “Nature must be crying,” I would say. And sometimes the thunder reminds me of rage. “Nature must be angry,” I would say.

We are a part of nature. And we are very much like nature. Perhaps that is why I feel this way.

Sometimes tears are associated with sadness. Of heartache and pain. Of brokenness.

But tears can also be brought about by the good things in this world. Like the tears of a baby crying at birth, symbolizing healthy lungs, symbolizing a new life.

And what about the tears of joy? Of pure, abundant, blissful, and overwhelming joy. The joy that cannot be contained because all the emotions well up inside they overflow.

I hope you are filled with that joy today. God bless!

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11 thoughts on “Illustration #8

  1. hello! i found your blog through the link in your instagram profile (: i’m @anoctopusdrinkstea on instagram. i love this illustration. it speaks volumes. keep your faith and fight the good fight (:


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