Grandpa’s 88th Birthday

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Grandpa turned 88th on the 21st of February but we celebrated and had a family gathering on the 22nd, which is a Saturday, to make sure that everybody was available. It’s truly a blessing that he is able to reach that age without any serious or debilitating illnesses – he is non-hypertensive, non-diabetic, and non-senile, although he does have hearing difficulties, palpitations for which he takes medication, and needs supervision when ambulating after being temporarily bed-ridden last year. But other than those, he’s perfectly fine. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I’ll be able to reach that age. And if I do, will I be as healthy as my grandpa is now? Just some of my thoughts. But I’ll accept whatever the life span that God gives me. I just wish that He’ll help me stay healthy and functional for the rest of my life.

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I hope you’re having a wonderful day! God bless!

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3 thoughts on “Grandpa’s 88th Birthday

  1. Happy to read you here Irene. I was starting to wonder where you were!
    It’s good to see our grandparents getting older and staying well. May God bless us with a great life too!


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