Illustration #5




I was thinking of the elements earth and water when I was doing this; how water nourishes the earth; how the earth wouldn’t survive without water. Their relationship amazes me. Us, humans, inhabitants of the earth need water… to quench our thirst, to cleanse our being. They remind me of the beauty of God’s creation; of how God knew what we needed even before we were born; even before He even created humankind. Everyday, I realize that I bask in this beauty, in this blessing that sometimes I fail to see, even if it is already right in front of me. I am grateful to be reminded, touched by God’s grace to come up with this idea to give Him glory.

God bless you all, my friends!

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15 thoughts on “Illustration #5

  1. Your work is amazing! Looks like you find making ultra-detailed drawings in pen as therapeutic as I do! We must have a lot of issues to work through 🙂


  2. Wow – your art is amazing! I can´t get my eyes from your wonderful drawings!
    Love your work!
    So beautiful!
    Thank you for great inspiration!


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